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If you’re looking for a used plastic granulator, it helps to understand exactly what this machine does, the different variations, and what type of granulator works best for you. In general, a plastic granulator is used to break down plastic products for recycling. Granulators often process consumer plastics and help repurpose them for new, different uses.

A used plastic granulator will use advanced cutting knives to slice the plastic material to be the right size. These knives are powered by an electric motor that helps break the plastic into smaller pieces. From there, these pieces are sent to companies that manufacture plastic products and can use this material.

So what does a used plastic granulator machine look like? Here are the different pieces and parts.

A “Breakdown” Of A Used Plastic Granulator Machine

As mentioned, plastic granulators grind scrap parts into smaller pieces that can be used for reprocessing. Some used plastic granulator machines look like paper shredders. There’s an opening where the material is inserted, and a large set of blades to cut the material. Then, the material goes into a separate portion of the machine where it can be used further, as needed.

Essentially, the most important component of used plastic granulators are the cutting blades. The cutting blades will get worn out over time due to their heavy usage. Due to this, you should look for a used plastic granulator machine that has blades that can be resharpened. Some granulators are designed so that, when a blade wears down, it needs to be entirely replaced. A used plastic granulator with self-sharpening blades will save you time, maintenance, and money.

In addition, look out for a used plastic granulator that is easy to clean. Depending on your industry and the application, the granulator may come into contact with different types of plastic throughout the day. Due to this, you’ll want a granulator that’s easy to clean and won’t contaminate the different materials that pass through.

Plastic Granulator: New Or Used?

If you’re considering adding a plastic granulator to your facility, you’ve probably considered whether or not you want to buy brand new. As with any purchase, buying something brand new means you don’t need to worry about the equipment’s history. You have peace of mind knowing the equipment has never broken down, and therefore it should require less maintenance when compared to a used product. However, keep in mind that new equipment is usually double or triple the cost. If you don’t have the right budget, it’s time to look for a used plastic granulator.

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When shopping for a used plastic granulator, ask the seller about the equipment’s history. Any reputable plastic equipment seller will be honest about potential repairs and maintenance costs.

The benefit of buying a used plastic granulator is that you’re saving money, and giving that equipment a new purpose. Even though granulators age, that doesn’t mean they aren’t built to last. A well-maintained used plastic granulator will get the job done right.

Determine your budget, goals, and the type of granulator you want before you make a purchase. A reputable plastic equipment seller can guide you in the right direction, answer your questions, and give honest feedback. Before you know it, you may be adding a used plastic granulator to your warehouse. Then, it’s time to get to work!

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By Published On: November 18, 2021Categories: Used Plastics Processing Equipment

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